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Simonology is a 3D anaglyph photography artist, art director and portrait photographer currently based in Sydney, Australia.


Captivated by 3D anaglyph photography, Simonology’s work encourages viewers to leave their imagination open and enter a place of fantasy where the transformative possibilities of an old technology are brought into the foreground. Intriguing formations, structures and interactions become abstract artworks that allow the observer to contemplate a subject’s three-dimensionality as it is frozen in time. The colourful artworks are playing with movement and perspective, revealing a hidden depth when wearing 3D glasses. Everyday objects and simple movements are literally re-envisioned, first by Simonology and second by viewers fusing the colour-coded images back together.




Artist's Bio


Born and raised in Germany, Simon studied communication design in Düsseldorf and began a career as an art director and designer of perfume packaging in Hamburg and Amsterdam. Shortly after making his home in Sydney in early 2012, Simon began to pursue his long passion for photography mainly shooting portraiture. It was then that he started experimenting with 3D anaglyph photography, developing his unique angle which gives his work a hidden twist.




  • Company of Men Exhibition Sydney 2016 (Group) / Gaffa Gallery
  • Company of Men Exhibition Melbourne 2016 (Group) / Brightspace
  • 'Stereogenic' 2015 (Solo) / Black Eye Gallery Sydney
  • Semi-finalist Head On Portrait Prize 2015 with self portrait 'Saint Simon'
  • Company of Men Exhibition Melbourne 2015 (Group) / Brightspace
  • 'Stereologic' 2014 (Solo) / ESD Gallery Sydney
  • 'Nudes On Tap' 2014 (Group) / Tap Gallery Sydney * Winner of Nudes On Tap People’s Choice Award 2014 for artwork 'Meluxine I'
  • Window showcase for Mardi Gras 2014 / Platform 72 Oxford Street
  • Company of Men Exhibition Sydney 2014 (Group) / Oxford Hotel Ginger Lounge & Platform 72 Oxford Street
  • Company of Men Exhibition Melbourne 2014 (Group) / Brightspace